Our Travel Policy


Future Isle of Wight’s travel policy outlines our provisions for organisation-related travel. This document explains which expenses will be reimbursed and how. We will also give instructions to our employees to track their expenses correctly when travelling.

This policy applies to all of our employees. We define ‘travel’ as a business journey to a different location than the location an employee considers to be their base location. This policy does not refer to travelling to and from the office on a daily basis for work. We reimburse commuting expenses based on agreements made between an employee and our organisation.

Employees may need to travel for company purposes. This includes trips to:

● Meet with project or supply-chain partners;

● Attend events —such as conferences— where the employee represents our organisation;

● Conduct research or give talks / lectures / presentations on behalf of our organisation.

For this kind of travel, we will reimburse transportation, hospitality and accommodation expenses.

Policy details

Legal expenses

If an employee needs to travel to countries that require a visa or other documentation to enter, we will cover all relevant expenses (excluding expenses for issuing passports).

Transportation expenses

When travelling for company purposes, employees will be entitled to company-paid travel tickets in standard or standard premium class, dependent upon which ticket banding provides the best value. We will reimburse any meal costs incurred as part of the agreed travel plans.

The organisation administrator will usually make travel bookings on behalf of an employee and issue tickets. If there are exceptional situations where an employee needs to book the travel ticket directly, then the employee will be reimbursed. These costs must be approved by the organisation Director prior to booking. To receive reimbursement for these expenses, the employee must provide proof of purchase — i.e. receipts.

Local transportation

After arriving at their destination, employees may take taxis to move around the area for business purposes. Employees should ask for receipts and will be reimbursed fares for travelling:

● From the airport / stations to the hotel and back;

● To and from every place an employee goes for company purposes (such as conference halls, lunches with clients or client offices).

If an employee prefers to use public transport, ticket receipts must be submitted, and the employee will be reimbursed.


Employees are entitled to stay at a suitable hotel when travelling for company purposes. The organisation will select the most suitable room-only accommodation and book and pay for it directly. The employee should pay for any meals and claim the costs back on submission of receipts. We will not reimburse any extra room-related charges incurred.

Expenses while on a trip

During a business trip, an employee is entitled to reimbursement for lunch and dinner at a maximum of £30 per meal.


Employees should submit all expenses to the organisation administrator when they return from a business trip.

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